Learn How to Become A 
'Waste Free Dog Owner' 

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You'll Learn...
  • How to Avoid Plastic Dog Toys - And how to make your own dog toys!
  • What Poop Bags to Buy - And how to compost dog waste!
  • How to Choose Green Grooming Products and Accessories - And how to make your own dog soap!
  • What Pet Foods Are Sustainable - And our favourite dog treat recipes!
  • Why You Should Adopt and Not Shop Next Time You Get Another Pup - Why adopting is not only good for the animals, but how it saves on resources...
What You'll Learn...
Day 1 - 
Todays all about toys! If your anything like me, watching our boy ruin a brand new toy in under a few hours didn't sit well with me. We will be sharing some of our favourite waste free toys, how to up-cycle old toys, where to take unwanted toys and also some ways to make your own.
Day 2
Oh poop! That's the topic for today! What bags to use, what to do with those bags and other ways to ethically and responsibly deal with our pooches poo. 
Day 3
Bath time! Todays topic is all about grooming products and accessories. Some of our favourite low waste companies and also some ways to make some of these products at home!
Day 4
There is lots of options regarding making your dogs food more sustainable! Day 4 we talk about those options and also share our favourite recipes for making dog treats at home!

Day 5
Adopting! This is something we are big supporters of! Today we show you some sustainability reasons to adopt and share with you some heart felt stories of adoption. 
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